2016-11-27 12:18:34: Post-Thanksgiving email purge
The Byte Baker -- "computer science, academia, and technology applied to life and society"

Kitchen Soap -- "thoughts on systems safety, capacity planning, and web operations"

jupyter -- "open source, interactive data science and scientific computing across over 40 programming languages"

Alex Martelli's Stack Overflow -- a key Python developer who is very active on Stack Overflow

Markov Chains in Python -- build a chat bot that mimics colleagues

Linux Performance Analysis -- the ten steps you should do in the first 60 seconds

Python Tutor -- understand what happens on each line of code

Tentative NumPy Tutorial -- a tutorial under development for use of the library

Code Mentor -- live 1:1 help in a variety of languages

Commonwealth Club -- a group that seems to put together a lot of interesting activities
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2016-09-25 12:10:25: Combing through the sands
Ultimate Boot CD -- includes lots of diagnostic utilities

Gparted -- "a free partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions"

Most Valuable Blogger -- a program run by Dzone to syndicate your blog content

MathSciNet -- a searchable database "of reviews, abstracts and bibliographic information for much of the mathematical sciences literature"

Eevee Blog -- another programming blog, includes Python

Context Travel -- very small tour groups in a variety of awesome places

ed//gs -- another programming blog
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2016-09-04 20:56:27: The school of life is in session
Kenneth Reitz -- talks on Python, documentation at scale, API-driven development, and so on

Building Identity Capital -- actions you can take to invest in yourself

Brian O'Sullivan -- another software blog, includes Haskell

Code as Craft -- blog for the software team at Etsy

Trey Hunner -- "programming, teaching, open source"

How to Design Programs -- a book focused on "the design process that leads from problem statements to well-organized solutions"

Classic Operating Systems -- a collection of papers "from batch processing to distributed systems"

Jeff Knupp -- a bunch of stuff about Python

Computer Organization and Design -- "the classic textbook for computer systems analysis and design"

Kitchen Soap -- "Thoughts on systems safety, capacity planning, and web operations"

Byte Baker -- "Computer Science, academia, and technology applied to life and society"
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2016-09-03 21:39:55: Collecting pages during my weekdays...
Why A Job in Coding... -- funny rant / essay about what makes software engineering so difficult

Open Source Revolution -- book from the late 90s collecting essays on "Open Source" up to that point

Decorators in 12 steps -- Good introduction to a complex topic in Python

Developer's Reading List -- suggested reading in a variety of topics

NUMA API for Linux

Pythonic Perambulations -- "musings and ramblings through the world of Python and beyond"

Program Creek -- piles of code examples and such; mostly Java

Google Brain Team -- "Make machines intelligent. Improve people’s lives."

Linux Documentation Project -- "There are several forms of documentation: Guides, HOWTOs, man pages, and FAQs"
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2016-08-08 22:27:29: Evolving is a technique:
Milk Pail Market -- really cute market near San Antonio my sister introduced me to

Great Wide Open --
Posscon --
All Things Open -- three inter-related conferences; I went to All Things Open in 2015

SIAM book catalog -- Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Wayfinding Academy -- associate's degree program that sounds well adapted to the 21st century

Ruby Explained -- Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas, aka "Closures"

CloudTweaks -- "an industry leading authority in cloud connected technology information and resources"

Callbacks, synchronous and asychronous -- from Havoc's Blog Archives
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2016-05-16 12:31:02: Cleaning out browser tabs and inbox, woo
Book link -- "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture"

L1 and L2 CPU -- an article on caches, how they work and why they're important

Programming Guidelines -- part one of a series on the ibuildings blog

Getting Rid of Null -- part two of that same series on ibuildings

Ulo Surveillance Owl -- an adorable little owl that has moods and you can set up in your home

Little Printer's Fate -- another cute little IoT device to deploy in your home, though unfortunately the company went bust

Live Your Legend -- the last blog post by the founder of the lifestyle community

Codeless Code -- post on a really fun blog linking Zen ideas with programming

Unbound Books -- a non-traditional publisher; sort of kickstarter for books

Busting Frame Busting -- "a Study of Clickjacking Vulnerabilities on Popular Sites"

Multiply by Pi -- post on AltDevBlog about generating project estimates

Cisco Studying -- a post on a forum with suggestions for preparing to take the CCENT and CCNA
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2016-05-02 17:13:20: Another day, another link batch
Tom's Blog -- blog with a number of posts on technical issues and features

Problem Solving -- with algorithms and data structures

A+ Podcasts -- "for grown-ups who still dig learning"

MongoDB Presentations -- talks their team has given

Geeks for Geeks -- "a computer science portal for geeks"

Confident Ruby -- webpage for a book that sounds good

Data Structures -- "an extensive examination" of such; on Microsoft's Developer Network
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