Monday Morning Choices was a great book, full of excellent advice and a very quick read. It is constructed as a series of twelve choices that anyone who desires success should consciously make. These choices are grouped into three types; character choices, action choices, and investment choices. Character choices are things like being committed — following through on your goals. Action choices are ones that put things into motion, like having an enthusiastic attitude. Investment choices are things like building good relationships or sharing your time and knowledge. All together these form a great guide to how to live a life that has meaning and purpose. Each chapter has the same structure too, with the main chapter followed by three things you can do to make that choice, discussion questions, and “words of wisdom about” that choice (a page or two of quotations). The words of wisdom were one of my favorite things about the book actually; the selections of quotes in each chapter were particularly rich.

I’d recommend this book for anyone who wants some help evaluating how they’re living their life. The choices Cottrell chooses to highlight are ones that all of us are making every day, but by bringing them to our attention with this book we can make those choices more consciously. Indeed, a key point is just that we need to be more conscious about the choices we make in general if we want better outcomes. The book certainly offers a great framework for more conscious decision-making. From learning from failure to choosing your enemies wisely, there is a lot to be gleaned from a reading. I definitely started applying some of this in my life right away, such as trying to be easier on myself and embracing criticism instead of shying away from it. While a lot of what Cottrell writes about is common sense, it is the kind of stuff that is easily forgotten or laid to the wayside — which is exactly why he points out we need to make choices, not just coast along.

In summary, it’s a marvelous read! It’s easy to get through, and full of good tips and poignant anecdotes. It’s inspiring every time you pick it up, and every chapter leaves you with concrete steps to utilize. You’ll find yourself facing Monday mornings — and all other mornings — in a new light.