Moment of clarity

There had been a few days where I was thinking my current company might keep me on as a full-time remote employee, but my boss notified me this morning that there were too many complications involved for the company in having a California employee, so that idea was out.

Matt’s been telling me it’s better this way anyway; make a clean start, plus I was going to be having to come back here all the time, not to mention the Bay Area has a slightly higher cost of living that carrying over my old salary wouldn’t account for.

But the only reason I’ve been staying is I’m scared. I just realized that. I came back for a variety of reasons, but none of those still hold. I’ve only been avoiding going back to the Bay Area because I’m scared.

Not just the whole uprooting and relocating again and all that uncertainty; too, the Bay Area — the competition is so much tougher there. All of the best and brightest in tech gravitate there… it\’s so easy to get lost, feel like a grain of sand in the sea.

But, hey. I’m not going alone.


Matt, Jungi and I as we arrived home from our long roadtrip across the United States, July 2015

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