It’s all just kind of surreal

Knowing that I’m going to be leaving soon, everything takes on a dreamlike, nostalgic sort of quality. This might be the last time I’m at this place. I won’t see this place again for years. Will this place even still exist the next time I come back?

Those sorts of constant feelings have imbued my days with generally nostalgic sorts of tones, above and beyond that caused already by the holidays. Meanwhile, I continue preparing for the move in small steps. I finished clearing out the filing cabinet this afternoon, and am going to haul the thing to my local thrift store tomorrow. Going through files and such, though, I’m running into a lot of things that send me down memory lane too.

To add to the quality of looking back, yesterday was the latest installation of Star Wars! Going to the last set of episodes with friends was an important part of my memory of the franchise. Watching the first trilogy in middle school with my best friend for the first time when she’d heard I’d never seen it — similar sorts of pieces of growing up, similar associations for a lot of folks in my generation, I’m sure. A wonderful movie, and I had the best date I could ask for :). Though of course that part of me will always miss the childhood best friend, the friend-mobs of teenage years.

To ice the cake, tonight was my high school’s Homecoming. It was awkward as heck. :)\

But, in case you weren’t sure if we were Star Wars fans here:


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