Holidays and the wheel of the year…

The holidays swung by, and the new year has swung around. Progress towards our move seems both rapid and glacial. On account of the holidays, we spent a lot of time traveling — one of the best Christmases, and one of the best New Years’, I’ve had. There were a lot of strong family bonds affirmed. It was a really inspiring season, overall. I think it marked a good way to wrap-up my time on the East Coast. A good send-off party, if you will.

Since the new year, it’s been back to work, back to packing and cleaning. But, more excitingly! I took and passed a new IT certification (CompTIA’s Security+), and started applying for jobs in earnest out there. So that feels, in some small way, like progress.

They say the best gifts you can give your children are roots and wings.

I think, for the first time in my life, I feel really strong, really confident, in both my roots and my wings.


Awkward picture of me on my grandmother’s lap at Christmas with Jungi

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