Because I missed the cupcake!

If you catch the Invader Zim reference, let’s be friends.

But in all seriousness, got some pretty bad news last night and then some sad news today, so it’s been a crummy 24+ hours. Add this to me having already been all stressed because of moving and applying for jobs and a conference I’m giving a talk at soon (!), and I’m well… having an evening.

Part of why I’m going back to the west coast was to recover a lot of parts of me that I left behind after college that gave me happiness. One of those things was cooking and baking! I’ve done basically none of it since moving back to the east coast, and I used to enjoy it so much.

Well, it’s not a start that will set the presses on fire, but it is a start. Pulled a box of cake mix and icing out of its dusty place on a shelf (uh, it’s been through two moves, so I’m not sure I want to know how many preservatives are in here), and finally baked some freaking cupcakes.


Freaking cupcakes. Yes, they have marshmellow filling.

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