Coming full circle, around the sun~

We finally got back on the road last Saturday, and the past week has been a truly wonderful experience. We had just enough stops to make the driving sustainable; we’re going to make it to the Bay Area today, so the whole trip will be almost exactly a week.

We stopped and visited my Aunt and Grandmother for a couple beautifully lazy days of cards and playing with dachshunds and just sitting around talking and going for walks in rural Louisiana.

A couple more days of driving, and we made it to the Grand Canyon! That is such a beautiful place — even the scenery we drove through to get there and as we were leaving; but the canyon itself is just awe-inspiring. To think that this is just one of the gorgeous art pieces that mother nature puts on display :).

And now we’re in Barstow, California! Western terminus of I-40. New home, here we come.


Visiting a grand art museum…

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