Well, it’s been a long time

Glad to see your face! I knew we’d meet again, another time, another place…

So I haven’t posted in over a month, but whenever I tried to think about what to post earlier I would just hit major writers’ block. It didn’t feel like I was going anywhere or doing anything for a lot of this past month. Continually applying for jobs is not the world’s most heartening task.

Things are looking up now though, not least because I’m finally gaining some traction it feels like. And life has gotten more exciting, too. There was a big party last weekend at a house I lived in when I was a student at Stanford; it’s an annual party and tons of alums always turn out. I hadn’t made it for the years I was back on the east coast, but it was so wonderful to catch up with people I hadn’t seen or heard from (well, aside from Facebook interactions) in years. It just felt so nice, to feel like that house is still there, the community still as welcoming as it is weird :).

And the broader Stanford community will always be there! This weekend was a national “Beyond the Farm” day of service, and I chose to volunteer with a project called “Reading Bonanza in the Park.” I was stationed at one of the book-giveaway locations, so me and a couple other Stanford volunteers got to just hang out watching children grabbing books and getting excited over them — while we were keeping the books arranged prettily and putting out more whenever space opened up. That just felt so good, to see all these kids getting excited over books. It’s something that always saddens me a little, the idea that not everyone thinks so highly of books as I do, especially now in the computer age.

Anyway! Stuff is happening, and it is great.


Step by step… (sunset at Baker Beach)

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