And so a month slips by

It’s amazing how quickly a month can go by when 55 hours a week are taken by commuting or sitting at work. It starts to feel like life is just short snippets in the evenings, living for the weekends. I’ve tried to make peace with it. It’s the only way we can afford to live here, and wow, here is an amazing place to live.

It does just feel like this month has flown by, after the first two months were were out here in California (living out of hotel rooms) just crawled by. Days were simpler, maybe, cut down into the routines of walking the dog, walking to the grocery store, putting in job applications, reading books. I\’m still reading a decent amount (courtesy of morning train commutes), but now I’m mostly spending my days sitting at a desk.

Which just leaves us slowly settling in here. We don’t have a lot of spare cash (still paying off debts acquired during the first couple months), so we’ve been slow about things. We just bought a bed last weekend! We’d been sleeping on an air mattress those first weeks. But it’s so worth it. We get to live here. We get to live here! It’s still surreal.


An after-work trek to Land’s End

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