How do you say; it’s all beautiful…

Two months have flown past this time, and I’m hard-pressed to believe it’s been so long. A lot has happened, certainly, but with the rhythm of going to work every day during the workweek it all just kind of flows by merrily.

I guess the biggest thing long-term (aside from continuing to go to work) is that I’ve started studying for the LPIC-1 certification, for Linux. I use Linux a lot more in my current role than I had in my previous ones, so it seems prudent to study up on administration of that operating system. But I’m finally starting to think long-term in other things, too. I had put long-term on the back burner while focusing on the move out here and settling in. But now: going forward into my future, hoping to maybe get back into academia, or at least get myself to a position where I am an expert of some repute so I can write books and/or offer classes.

I’m really happy with my life in general though, not just in my work. I’m just not sure what to say about the rest of it. My partner and I have gone on some great adventures on the Pacific coast, and I went up to Portland for a weekend, and I’ve had some great times with my sister. A friend of mine published a book, and at his first book signing there was something of a mini-reunion with a lot of our friends. These are the kinds of small adorable things that, strung together, make a happy life.


Out and about in downtown Mountain View

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