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There are so many things to do, that one can be proud of. Knitting a sweater is one of them. I spent a few minutes getting sidetracked by a writing contest being run by a magazine I used to get. I was considering writing something for it and entering; but then, in a fit of judgement, I closed out of the windows and reminded myself that there are so many possible things to do with my time; there are many that rank higher than this contest.

I spent the last couple days pretty miserable; my car’s battery died, and at work HR decided that everyone had to write up a job description for their position, so I took this to mean that they were looking to fire people. I was already in a down mood before either of those occurred; I had to work late on Monday because of an outage, and I’m not sure what else came up, but somehow I was actually just curled in a ball wrapped in blankets at one point. My poor boyfriend was trying to cheer me up, but I guess I just needed to let the neurotransmitters run their course. Today I was in a much better mood.

What is my elevator pitch? That’s the next prompt from the Live Your Legend blog challenge. I want to understand the Internet. I want to know how it ticks, I want to know how computers put stuff into it, I want to know how other computers read that stuff, I want to know how all the intermediaries swap stuff and make sure it gets to the places it wants to go. I want to understand how it started and how it grew and how it became what it is today, and where it’s going in the future. I want to grok all this, and I want to then turn around and make this all comprehensible to other people. I want to write books, and I want to give presentations at conferences, and I want to write papers and magazine articles and well blog posts. ๐Ÿ™‚ But mostly books, I’ve wanted to write books since I was a kid.

But in other news! In my continuing quick bread series, this week I made Chocolate Chip bread and brought it into work on Monday. People are noticing it’s a series! I had two people come up to me during the day and ask if I baked a lot. More people thanked me for the bread; getting thanked in person was nice, the last couple weeks I just got some Slack thanks. Which are certainly great too! But this week just felt much warmer.


The loaf that garnered five comments.

Featured Recipe: http://www.hungrycouplenyc.com/2013/05/chocolate-chip-bread.html

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