The trembling goes away with time

I made it to 10,000 words today on my NaNoWriMo novel! That puts me at exactly par (and I’ve since written past that), which is great since I didn’t start until several days in. Now I just have to at least stick with par for the next couple weeks, and I’ll have myself a novel! Well, at least a 50,000 word brick. But hey, it’s an accomplishment. It’s just the nice little reminder that if you sit down and put your mind to the task at hand, you’ll get there. You might be starting out behind schedule, you might have whatever other handicaps, but if you focus, you can make it.

It’s about getting back to the basics on any of it. I frequently in the past will get bored with blogs that I’d been following for a while, thinking that they’d gotten repetitive or that I’d absorbed all the lessons that they had to offer, especially blogs that had to do with goal-setting and lifestyle work. But as I finally turn my attention to myself and self-betterment, really reading those blogs shows me just how much there is left to learn. Being able to say, on the surface, that I understand setting goals is something very different from really viscerally dedicating myself to a goal and putting every fiber of my being to work making it.

One of the deepest lessons is that you really need to scrub down to those core basics. In dieting, for example, I may have tried dieting before, but it wasn’t until I really sat down and evaluated every single piece of food that I was putting into my body that I began to make real progress.

I’ve slid a lot this past week on my diet. I went out to dinner with my partner on Tuesday, and somehow letting myself have some slack one day turned into another and another and another, until there came a day where the scale ticked back upwards (this morning). I have to admit I’m saddened; I had made such good progress. But it means that I’m strengthening my resolve and re-dedicating myself to my diet tomorrow morning (I let myself have today as a last day of eating chocolate and moping). And maybe that’s what I needed. I had been tempted for several weeks to call the diet off and pick it back up in January or something; the diet is rather grueling, and I’d been craving so many different things it was hard to say what I wasn’t craving. So this was a little bit of an intermission I guess, and hopefully it just gives me the strength to pick up the rest of this diet and lose these remaining pounds, just like I’d been wanting to do from day one. ๐Ÿ™‚


Getting ready for the holidays

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