And that’s the way the blueberry bread crumbles

Thinking about it earlier today, I realized that since I’m getting pretty close to 30, that means that I’m currently about as close to 20 as I was to 10 when I was 20. And as a 20-year-old, I never felt particularly close to my 10-year-old self. But ten years is ten years. That’s quite a gap. But 20 is when I was in college. I’ve recently been getting startled by the fact that certain things happened a whole decade ago, but the perspective that 10 is as far away from 20 as 20 is from 30 is a new one. In many ways I’m still holding to my college years. A health issue caused me to drop out my junior year, so my last couple years did kind of drag on, but still. College was a long time ago, and I could be better at accepting this than I am.

Heck, I’m taking a continuing education class at my alma mater starting this week!

But continuing education is different than trying to re-live college (well, sort of). I’m really pretty excited about this continuing education class, and about starting to get back into education in general. The health issue I mentioned had knocked me out of education in many ways, but it’s good to be feeling ready to study again.

Speaking of things knocking you down, the last bread in my quick breads series didn’t go so well. The blueberry bread was pretty tasty, but unfortunately when I was trying to get it out of the loaf pan, the whole thing just kind of fell apart. I guess there’s a reason you hear about blueberry muffins and not blueberry bread, even though you hear about banana nut or apple spice for both.

I think I’m going to make the apple spice bread again, maybe as soon as next week! I might let myself take a break though. I’ll be baking and/or cooking things for Thanksgiving the following week, so maybe a break isn’t such a bad idea.

In summary, breaks are okay; sometimes things knock you down, and all there is to do is to let yourself rest on the ground for a minute, then pop back up swinging.

Sometimes, that’s all there is to do.


I could say it’s an explosion of flavor…

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