Getting on with it all

Life is of course always in constant flux, but I feel like I’ve been handling things pretty well lately. It’s enough that I’m starting to think about getting back into things, like the baking challenge that I was doing with breads last year. One of the biggest ones is that I’m getting back into reading. I almost completely stopped reading earlier in the year with my health issue, and then when I started at this new company I signed on for a doozy of a commute, so I didn’t have much free time to read anymore. But recently I’ve started getting up an extra forty-five minutes earlier so that I can get to work early and read in the parking lot. I think I’d lost something when I wasn’t reading much, and I certainly feel a sense of accomplishment when I can look at the list of books I’ve read and feel how many have been added recently.

Another thing I’ve picked back up again is weight loss. After losing weight last year, I gained it all back with that health issue, and for a while my health was precarious enough that I didn’t want to try losing weight again. But a couple months ago I decided to take the plunge, and I joined a program called Noom. I’ve been very happy with it — you keep track of steps and food intake, and there are daily goals in both to meet, and there’s a peer group that you have discussions with, and there are little daily lessons about topics ranging from goal-setting to calorie density. It’s definitely a great program, and I’ve lost more than ten pounds already, so I’m pretty happy. I’ve still got a ways to go before I hit my goal, and I have to be more dedicated to keeping the weight off this time. But I’m at a good place.

I just went to Half Moon Bay yesterday with my dog and ex-partner, who is moving back to North Carolina this week. It was a wonderful little adventure; we went back to a beach we always went to there called Pillar Point, and had dinner at a cute tavern. The dog of course got incredibly sandy, but that’s what baths are for. The main thing is getting out there in the surf and feeling life splashing all around you.

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