Nervousness, communication and takeaways

I took my dog to the vet today, and he flailed all around and generally didn’t have a very good time. Hopefully he doesn’t remember it so badly as last time, when he had to get four shots (we hadn’t been good about getting them when he was a puppy). But just after our checkup was over, when I was waiting to check out, another woman comes in with two dogs, and they all sniff each other and play around a little. She remarks on how calm my dog is! I just remark that it must have been that he got all his anxieties out during the checkup. In that, my dog and I are a lot alike. I can be incredibly calm and just take what comes, but when I get freaked out about something I can really get worked up.

I’m trying to figure out some sort of theme for this blog, some sort of goal for my reading, or some sort of idea for a company. They’re all sort of interrelated ideas (well, often my reading doesn’t have a goal, but this is since I want to expand the book reviews I have on here) that feed into each other. I’ve wanted to grow something into a company for years now, but I’m patient; I know a deep foundation is required for any company, so I’m happy just gaining background in entrepreneurial skills for now and keeping my ear to the ground. Yesterday I was standing at my bookshelf, trying to decide what books I wanted to take with me to Louisiana, and I was filtering my choices by what sorts of books I wanted my family to see me reading. On a related note, a couple days ago my boss told me, “So I understand you’re a ferocious reader.” “Yep!” was all I replied. I kicked myself a lot later. He was clearly giving me an opening to talk about what I was reading, and I just blew it. I need to get better at communicating about what I’m reading, if there’s to be any purpose to my pursuit.

Reading is an easy way to gain a lot of experience and travel without enduring too much hassle. I want to travel a lot, but doing so requires huge investment. And I just get so nervous about travel. I’m pretty stressed out about my upcoming Thanksgiving trip. But I know it will be worth it, and I will come away with many dear memories.

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