Fulfillment: three reads and some weight loss

I’m in the middle of reading three different books, pretty disparate books at that. I usually try to limit myself to one book at a time, no matter how excited I am about starting other books, but in this case the flight from Louisiana threw me off. I had started reading A History of Japanese Mathematics when I finished Mastery while I was still in Louisiana, so that was what I was reading when I got onto the plane. When flying though I found myself incredibly lonely, and buried my head in The Signature of All Things because I can escape into fiction in a way that I can’t in nonfiction. I started reading Think and Grow Rich just a couple days ago, because I wanted to be reading something more directly self-improving. Unfortunately I’m not finding it very edifying, so I don’t think I’m going to be writing a review of it for this site. But it’s at least an entertaining read, some interesting anecdotes and such.

Speaking of book reviews, I just added one for Mastery a few days ago.

One thing I am getting a lot of satisfaction out of though is weight loss. I still want to lose another fifteen pounds or so, but I’m already really happy with where I am. I’ve already lost enough to shed the “overweight” designation for a normal BMI. And I just like how I look in the mirror. But I want to keep going because I want to get back to where I was a few years ago (I still have old pants that I want to fit into). I’m happy, but not content! I think that’s the ideal place to be in life in general — happy with where you’re at, but still striving for something more. I’m enjoying losing weight. It’s exciting to step on the scale every morning and wonder what’s going to show up there. I like the little feeling of accomplishment that I get from turning down extra snacks, or, say, those mozzarella sticks at lunch on Monday. Of course, I didn’t make any progress the entire month of November — I essentially put the diet on hold while I was in Louisiana, so I gained a couple pounds back. But I’ve gotten back on the horse since getting back, and I’m starting to make some nice progress again. Huzzah!

In all, my life is pretty fulfilling because of all the activity I pack into it. I’ve come a long way since I had that health problem — wow, now starting around a year ago — and it’s hard to believe just how well I’m doing now. It’s humbling.

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