Opera and Inspiration

I went to see an opera today! Girls of the Golden West, to be specific, apparently a world premier. It was as wonderful as the couple other operas that I’ve been too, just a dazzling array of intertwined art forms. Maybe as I go to more of them I’ll learn to be more discerning — this is only the third I’ve been to, the others were Dream of the Red Chamber and Madame Butterfly — and become able to really articulate different nuances that I experienced, but for now I’m enjoying just going and being overwhelmed by everything. I guess music is really the dominant thing, between the singing and the orchestra, but there is just so, so much going on. It’s the kind of thing that makes me so appreciative of the Bay Area. There are only so many places in the world that can host such spectacular performances, and so many of them to boot. I don’t make it to San Francisco itself that often now that I don’t work in the City anymore, but every time I do there’s a sense of wonder that it inspires.

Another thing that frequently inspires a sense of wonder is a mailing list I’m on called The Daily Flame, messages from your Inner Pilot Light. They’re always these short sweet little messages about how to approach obstacles, or how to handle setbacks and successes, or how to relate to the people in your life. I’ve been on the list for a couple years now, and it’s one of the few mailing lists that I’m on that I actually read everything that comes through of. I don’t remember whether I heard of Lissa Rankin, the woman behind the Daily Flame, through Chris Guillebeau or the other way around, but either way, they’re two incredibly inspiring people that I’ve been following for a while. I’ve read one book by Chris and two by Lissa, and they’ve both got others out that I might pick up one of these days. It’s amazing what’s out there in this 21st century. There’s just so much to take in and participate in, so much is possible. I love being able to find these communities that span the globe, how you can find people that you have so much in common with with a few clicks of a mouse.

Of course, with all that’s been going on in my life, I’ve run myself a little ragged. I really need to catch up on sleep, and I didn’t at all this weekend. But my bed is so comfortable, and my dog is so sweet; I will at least get some solid rest tonight, if not maybe quite enough of it yet again. Mmm. Sleep.

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