Entrepreneurship and overwhelm

I’m getting a few little glass dragons in the mail tomorrow or Saturday! They’re from this glass artist that I found at the North Carolina State Fair, Cecil Art Glass, whose work I adore. My dad got me the first one for Christmas a couple years back, but between moving and stuff I’ve broken that one and the one I got to replace it, so these ones coming are another replacement, and then some Christmas presents to give away. I love supporting small businesses and finding unique little things, like dragon figurines that are holding a heart or some dice or a crystal. I’ve been listening to a bunch of episodes of the Courage and Clarity podcast the past few days during my commute, which largely consist of interviews with female entrepreneurs, and my phone is filling up with websites I need to check out of the businesses these women run. The car I’m currently driving doesn’t have a CD player, so I can’t listen to the Great Courses that I usually listen to (they have streaming audio available, but I always get the CDs), which is frustrating. But it has meant that I’ve finally checked out Courage and Clarity, which I’d been meaning to do for almost a year now.

My car’s been in the shop since Saturday, but there’s been a lot of other things going in my life recently too, leaving me rather overwhelmed and just dead on my feet. I’ve started drinking a bit more caffeine again to cope; I’ve had some coffee and a couple Red Bulls this week, and I hadn’t had any of either for a while. This is something I should probably nip in the bud before I slide too much more. But being so overwhelmed is why my schedule here is a little off — I usually post on Sundays and Wednesdays, but this week Wednesday became Thursday. I’ve come to rely really heavily on the built-in Reminders app on my (i)phone, using it to schedule details down to “pack yogurt for lunch.” It’s lucky I started doing that a couple months ago; it’s made my current situation a lot more manageable. Before that I was just relying on a bundle of paper planners and the app One List.

Well, I need to wrap this up so I can go work on Christmas cards. My company’s Christmas party is tomorrow, so I need to get into the spirit. I’m going to wear socks with little jingle bells on them! My aunt gave them to me over Thanksgiving, they’re so cute, if a bit annoying. I figure if those don’t count as festive though, nothing does. Hope your season is going well!

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