Reverting to personal

I’ve been getting fewer subscriptions since switching to more general posts, so I guess people aren’t looking for the type of post I had been doing. Plus writing these personal posts is more fun; especially, they’re more fun to look back on and see where I’ve come. My health issue reared its ugly head a couple weeks ago, that’s why there hasn’t been much here. But I’m safe and well on the path to recovery, so there’s that. On a related note, I’m pretty far behind on my various goals; I’m trying to catch up on German tonight, and I haven’t gotten much reading done lately. One goal that I have had some success with is losing weight — I was able to fit into and comfortably wear one of the old pairs of pants that I had from before I went on the medication that made me gain all that weight! So, goal! I’m going to stick with the diet a little longer because I want to still get to the nice round number goal that I had in mind, but the real goal has already been achieved.

I’ve had some good social outings these past few weeks as well. Last Tuesday was a friend’s birthday, so about eight of us all gathered at a Thai place in downtown Palo Alto and dined family-style (though unfortunately most of the others were vegetarian, so my Ginger Chicken wasn’t terribly popular), before heading to one of the group’s home for cupcakes and cake. In all, a delicious evening, and hopefully a good birthday. Then yesterday — Cinco de Mayo — I joined one of those friends in downtown Redwood City for an afternoon on the town, and we marveled at all the other folks enjoying their weekends. We hit up World Market, one of our favorites, but passed on Grocery Bargain Market Outlet and Savers, two other favorites, because I’m moving soon so I wasn’t in the mood to pick up a lot of kitch. But we ended up joining the festivities ourselves and stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Complete with Mariachi band. Mmmm.

Sopapillas to round out the evening

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