Birthday, knits and reads, teas, ah the quarantined life…

It’s been an interesting few weeks, to say the least! I’ve been staying home, but staying pretty busy, so I haven’t really been having too much difficulty with it. I guess I’m rather introverted in the first place, and I have several hobbies that I’ve dusted off and a few others that I’ve picked up. Well, maybe only really one new one — exercising (using the classes here). Anyway, definitely a lot more reading, and happily enough more cooking and baking as well. My sister is staying with me, and she’s a prodigious baker, so that’s been inspiring me to do the latter. Namely calzones several times, and a delicious focaccia that I will probably make again; cooking I’ve made those couscous and tofu dishes a couple times too, and a couple stir fries. The first four dishes I want to kind of master, so that they can just be go-to things whenever I need to bring something to a potluck or anything. Because I go to so many potlucks XD. I definitely used the calzones for Thanksgiving a couple times at least, and the couscous and tofu will just be good dishes to make for myself normally. Though I might make the tofu dish with the original scallops, or at least chicken, when I’m back to making it just for myself.

In my most exciting news though, my birthday was the end of March! It was really special, if held in unusual times. I took the time off from work and mostly just relaxed; my sister made a wonderful cake (vegan chocolate with beautiful funfetti-inspired frosting), and we reflected, and walked my dog, and talked to family over the phone… hard to believe I’m already 33. I’m halfway to retirement, at least if my trajectory continues to go along a rather standard one.

Reading-wise, I can’t say I’ve been getting a ton of it done, considering how much more free time I have than usual anyway. Recently finished Singapore: Unlikely Power and Happiness is a Choice You Make; I would recommend either. I’ve since started La Belle France: A Short History, Data Storage Networking, and The Power of Meaning, and all I’m enjoying so far. I’m also hoping to start The Cairo Trilogy soon, as reading that was one of my goals for the year. It’s almost a third of the way through the year, and since I had three big books that I’d selected (Anna Karenina and Gödel Escher Bach being the other two) to finish, the time is now.

I’m also keeping up with knitting. My current project is a set of coasters and trivets from the patterns here; they’re turning out well so far. I made a purple one for my sister who’s been using a new desk and both of us had left our own sets of coasters at our offices. I’ve now moved onto a set of three coasters, two circular trivets, and one oval trivet from those patterns for my Aunt. I like that they’re using something called ‘i-cord’ and big knots, neither of which I’ve used much of in years (and had never really done much of anyway).

Another thing that has taken much of my attention is tea! I’m a big fan of DavidsTea in particular, and the past couple years I’ve got big bunches of them a few times. The most recent batch was After Dinner Mint (herbal), Blackberry Jasmin Blast de mûres au jasmin (green), Sweet Tart, Dragonfruit Aloe (both herbal), and Vanilla Orchid (an oolong). I haven’t had too much of the Vanilla Orchid or Blackberry Jasmin because I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee/mocha and Red Bull in the first part of the day, and I don’t want to have caffeinated things too late. So far they’ve been tasty. The After Dinner Mint I haven’t been partial to, although I don’t generally like mint teas, so I don’t know why I let the store clerk talk me into it. But the Sweet Tart and Dragonfruit Aloe are both absolutely delicious. And the Sweet Tart one even has adorable little sugar hearts in it! 😀

Anyway, that’s most of my news of late. Stay happy, stay healthy!

Birthday cake~!

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