Introspection and Reorganization

End of another month, time for another blog post at least :). Trying to hold myself to at least a post a month on here, which I guess just means I’ll be doing this on the last day of the month if the recent periodicity is any indication. This month was perhaps one of the worst ones for me since the shelter-in-place began, which is hilarious because at the start of it I thought I was just finally getting used to it. But yeah, a close family member died of covid. That was crushing. I’m going to miss her a lot.

Also, I’ve started organizing recipes on the Reviews and Recipes page, so that will start to be an ongoing project too. Most of the off-site ones I’ll make an on-site mirror just in case the original one goes down, but the main link will be to the original. Also this page will be linked because there is a very simple corn recipe that my family uses down below ;).

My health issue flared up again, which is always frustrating. Any time I think I’ve finally gotten it under control, something else happens. I guess that is what ‘chronic illness’ is. It’s something that just goes on and on. No matter how far out of the woods I think I am, it’s something I still have to be careful about. At least things didn’t get too far out of hand this time. I didn’t have to be re-hospitalized, which is one of the best things I could have hoped for. Being in the hospital is awful enough, but in the current situation it is absolutely terrifying, and it also always means a much longer recovery time. Now I’m hoping to get to go back to work just next week already.

My sister and I had been getting flowers pretty frequently throughout this pandemic, but I was getting pretty saddened by it. They’re gorgeous and cheery, sure, but ultimately you’re killing something just so you have it to look at. So a couple weeks ago she picked up a couple giant armfuls of fake flowers from a nearby craft store that had them greatly reduced (80% off or something?), and earlier this week we finally separated them out into vases and distributed them around the apartment.

I guess it’s just one of those things that you never knew how you got it wrong, you just did. You were just preoccupied, you just miscalculated that turn slightly, you were just a day late or a quarter short. I was very fortunate to be able to say goodbye in person very shortly before their deaths to the closest two family members I have who have died.

One thing that can always bring me out of a funk is music. Sometimes it’s to a ridiculous degree; I’ll just jump from song to song, or write them down faster than I can listen to them, or whatever. But it’s so soothing to be able to be pulled out of my head like that. A few weeks ago, when I was just realizing how insane September was going to be, I spent several hours one Wednesday curled up on my couch, head nearly in the laptop, just listening to music as loud as I could on my headphones.

It was a long and crushing month. Here’s to hoping to the next one will be a better one. But, hey, 2020’s not over yet. *sigh*



Hoffpauir corn-on-the-cob

Several husks of corn

Paper towels

Shuck the corns down to their cobs, and wrap them individually in damp paper towel. Stick them in the microwave on a plate for 3 minutes. If not sufficiently cooked, add another 30-60 seconds.


Making calzones again…

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