So, kumquats are tasty!

Kumquats are basically nature’s equivalent of sour warheads. I have no idea how I have never discovered these things before. I mean, I live in a very unique region where I can even get these things, so it makes sense, but now that I’ve had them there isn’t really any going back. I’m a kumquat fan for life. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nothing too particularly interesting over the last month; some family members getting vaccinated, my chronic illness flaring up again (rather badly this time, unfortunately), so basically that’s enough news. I have been keeping myself on a rather strict diet avoiding almost all news intake (only reading the first couple overview pages of my main newsmagazine for the last few weeks, and nothing from anywhere else). From what I hear from the folks I interact with in my personal life, that’s probably a good thing, considering how much the goings-on of the world had factored into my most recent flare-up.

In moving forward with my plans to rebalance my web presence (discussed here), I’ve also accidentally uncovered my old site, which is right around a decade old! I’d forgotten about a lot of it. But talking a bit with an old ex reminded me about some of that stuff and how much it meant to me at the time. I’ve only now started getting back into knitting and crochet (those Stitches conferences and picking up Ravelry again), and it’s also interesting to note among those how many little proto-programs (scripts, I guess?) that I was already starting to work on, a couple years before I started my actual trial-by-fire part-time programming job.

Oh! I made that Louisiana Shrimp Boil again. Just as tasty as last time.

And I guess that’s enough rambling for now. Stay sane!

Trusty beanie baby Scorch

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