Spring has sprung!

And there is enough pollen everywhere to prove it. I’m fortunate enough to not have an allergy, but my dog does; which is tragic enough but still hilarious because he has no idea what’s going on, chewing on his paws and sneezing multiple times in a row when he’s standing out in the grass. Modern science to the rescue though; there’s a shot that pretty much completely eliminates his symptoms (it’s called Cytopoint for the curious).

Speaking of my dog though, a couple days ago he got into a dish that had garlic and onion in it — he didn’t let us get it away from so he had the entire thing (fortunately only like half a normal human portion, but he’s tiny). So I did some usual web perusal, and it made it sound like I didn’t need to worry unless he seemed more lethargic than usual (how to tell?) or if he threw up. Which of course he did, so I found myself frantically calling the animal poison control hotline. Which went ahead and put me on hold, so it was a nerve-wracking bit until they answered. The woman got ahold of all the information about my dog, and then went off to crunch some numbers or whatever. “Did he have more than nine gloves of garlic?” I almost had to laugh — that was probably more than the entirety of the dish he had ingested (it was mostly potato). “What about more than half an onion?” (Again, no). “Ok, he’ll be fine, just possibly a little dehydrated.” Unfortunate little aside, but now I’ve got a hilarious story to share.

Not too much going on here; as usual my main activities are knitting and reading, and I’ve done a good bit of both (though I’m missing my cable needle at the moment, which is needed for one of the things I’m making… grrr…); updates at Good Reads and Ravelry as usual now. I’ve been in a short-term life-health program for a couple months now, and one of the big focuses is on having long-term goals in your life. I was amused at how easily I’ve been able to be blowing through that part, wanting to read 30 books this year and making two particular large projects by Christmas. Honestly I’ve been a little surprised at how few folks do seem to have these sorts of goals.

I guess there’s not enough much really to continue rambling, just wanted to put together something to verify that I’m alive :). Best wishes to anyone reading here.

We went here for my birthday. Hope springs eternal! ๐Ÿ™‚

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