2016-07-02 22:51:32: And so a month slips by
It's amazing how quickly a month can go by when 55 hours a week are taken by commuting or sitting at work. It starts to feel like life is just short snippets in the evenings, living for the weekends. I've tried to make peace with it. It's the only way we can afford to live here, and wow, here is an amazing place to live.

It does just feel like this month has flown by, after the first two months were were out here in California (living out of hotel rooms) just crawled by. Days were simpler, maybe, cut down into the routines of walking the dog, walking to the grocery store, putting in job applications, reading books. I'm still reading a decent amount (courtesy of morning train commutes), but now I'm mostly spending my days sitting at a desk.

Which just leaves us slowly settling in here. We don't have a lot of spare cash (still paying off debts acquired during the first couple months), so we've been slow about things. We just bought a bed last weekend! We'd been sleeping on an air mattress those first weeks. But it's so worth it. We get to live here. We get to live here! It's still surreal.

An after-work trek to Land's End
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2016-05-27 18:48:38: Rollin' on rollin' on rollin'
What a flurry! So much has happened since my last post, and it hasn't even been two full weeks since I last posted. Coming down from the glow of volunteering and the old house party, I realize my last post was already pretty optimistic. But I still wasn't daring to hope things could have gone this well! Life works out :)

So in the three days after I wrote that post, I had final interviews with three companies. I've since accepted a job, which I'll start this coming Wednesday. After securing that position, we went ahead and got a nearby apartment, so several of these last few days have been dealing with that paperwork and moving in.

But anyway... I have a job! It still hasn't entirely sunk in, but it's all I could have hoped for. I'm in a DevOps-type role! I've been in a purely software development role for some years now, despite earning a series of Ops-related certifications, so I'm incredibly excited to actually get to put some of that to use.

So, things are awesome! And my sister is visiting soon, so time to wrap up here :)

One of our last days in a hotel
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2016-05-15 11:59:45: Well, it's been a long time
Glad to see your face! I knew we'd meet again, another time, another place...

So I haven't posted in over a month, but whenever I tried to think about what to post earlier I would just hit major writers' block. It didn't feel like I was going anywhere or doing anything for a lot of this past month. Continually applying for jobs is not the world's most heartening task.

Things are looking up now though, not least because I'm finally gaining some traction it feels like. And life has gotten more exciting, too. There was a big party last weekend at a house I lived in when I was a student at Stanford; it's an annual party and tons of alums always turn out. I hadn't made it for the years I was back on the east coast, but it was so wonderful to catch up with people I hadn't seen or heard from (well, aside from Facebook interactions) in years. It just felt so nice, to feel like that house is still there, the community still as welcoming as it is weird :).

And the broader Stanford community will always be there! This weekend was a national "Beyond the Farm" day of service, and I chose to volunteer with a project called "Reading Bonanza in the Park." I was stationed at one of the book-giveaway locations, so me and a couple other Stanford volunteers got to just hang out watching children grabbing books and getting excited over them -- while we were keeping the books arranged prettily and putting out more whenever space opened up. That just felt so good, to see all these kids getting excited over books. It's something that always saddens me a little, the idea that not everyone thinks so highly of books as I do, especially now in the computer age.

Anyway! Stuff is happening, and it is great.

Step by step... (sunset at Baker Beach)
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2016-04-12 20:58:11: Alright, alright alright!
Two and a half weeks now, approximately, Matt and I (and Jungi) have been residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Woo!

Where we've been "residing" isn't exactly the kind of place to get sentimental about -- plastic bag full of needles run over in the parking lot... -- but I am actually finding myself feeling quite cozy here. It's a little unusual for me, even; I don't often feel too cozy in a place until I've been there quite a while. But here it's -- oh, I don't know. It's too easy to just let myself feel cozy; there is still so much I can be doing out there to try to find a job.

But I guess I've still been pushing myself too hard; Matt point-blank told me not to do any job search activities today, and just let myself relax and study (I'm studying several bits of technology -- weird as it makes me, I love studying; it's my basic calming activity).

Well, either way... well, either way, we're here! And we're here to stay :)

I think he's comfortable.
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2016-03-31 16:15:50: Only a week? Wait, already a week?
We've been in Silicon Valley now for almost a full week -- we arrived mid-afternoon last Friday, and I'm simultaneously panicked, floored, and surprised that we've been here this long. On the one hand, it's hard to believe that so recently we were living out of a car, bouncing from town to town across the country. On the other hand, it feels like we've already done so much, but there is still so much left to do.

I don't know. I think I want to make something of it, you know, "hooray we've survived a week, that means we'll be able to make it here!" but a good part of me knows that the struggle is really only just beginning. I've done a good number of job applications, and I already have one interview tomorrow. But that's only the beginning. I have to get through the interviews, get more interviews, survive the "code challenge" gauntlets, and so on.

It's happening. I mean, slowly and surely, day by day. Each day that you get to greet the morning and enjoy the evening -- that is a good day.

Rarr! Victory is mine!
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2016-03-25 08:52:32: Coming full circle, around the sun~
We finally got back on the road last Saturday, and the past week has been a truly wonderful experience. We had just enough stops to make the driving sustainable; we're going to make it to the Bay Area today, so the whole trip will be almost exactly a week.

We stopped and visited my Aunt and Grandmother for a couple beautifully lazy days of cards and playing with dachshunds and just sitting around talking and going for walks in rural Louisiana.

A couple more days of driving, and we made it to the Grand Canyon! That is such a beautiful place -- even the scenery we drove through to get there and as we were leaving; but the canyon itself is just awe-inspiring. To think that this is just one of the gorgeous art pieces that mother nature puts on display :).

And now we're in Barstow, California! Western terminus of I-40. New home, here we come.

Visiting a grand art museum...
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2016-03-14 15:25:51: Shattered glass in the light
Too many setbacks; still at our starting point, and I'm getting so stir-crazy. Fortunately it looks like we are going to be able to leave later this week! I'm so eager to just move on, get the rest of my life started.

Moving on is never without loss, though. Of course there's all the material aspect of it. Can't bring all my books along! Boo hoo. And things get broken. I broke the manual coffee maker I had; other things are lost.

Beyond this though, one of my best friends growing up just died. It was kind of horrific. Turns out he was at his parents' house, but I hadn't known that; I was only a few houses away, so I saw all the emergency crew activity... I hadn't seen him in just over a year now.

And, for the rest of us, life goes on.

A tiny dragon my father had given me.
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