If you jump high, you can get low

I still haven’t started my NaNoWriMo novel, and I’m kind of okay with that. The year that I wrote the best of my novels, I didn’t start until something like the sixth or eighth.

Anyway, the insight I wanted to go with for today’s post is that nothing is impossible. Things are impossible only when you’re only half-heartedly dedicated to them. Like this diet — I’ve made some phenomenal progress. But I’d tried to diet before, and only ever lost a few pounds before bouncing right back. It’s just in the level of dedication. It’s only impossible if you do it half-heartedly.

It works with language study too. I learned more in that day that I was working furiously towards my German level on Duolingo for hours than any number of days where I just earn my minimum 10-points by putting in a few minutes of cursory study. (In language, as in eating, there is something to be said for constant moderation over intense dedication, but maintenance isn’t what we’re talking about here — here we’re talking about accomplishment.) Inspired by a mention on Live Your Legend blog about intensely studying a language for a weekend, I’ve been considering setting aside a weekend to do something similar, especially thinking to how that Saturday of German study had gone.

Well, we’ll see if I do it, and I’ll let you know how it goes :). For the moment I’ll just keep you posted on the diet and the bread baking.But the bread baking update will have to wait another paragraph! This past weekend, I went to a party Saturday night. The party was all kinds of awesome, but in particular I wanted to share here a small win I had. So, what I’m interested in is becoming an expert on the Internet and how it works and all, and then turning around and sharing that with the world, right? (I talked about this here, if you missed it.) So one of the women I was talking to at the party hears that I’m employed in Internet technologies, and asks me about the DDoS attacks last week that brought so many sites down. And I go into a little explanation about how DNS sites are phone books and DDoS attacks are just too many people demanding your attention and… well, so she’s looking satisfied as I’m wrapping up my story, and I ask her, “so that made sense?” and she says that it made a lot of sense! So I was incredibly proud.

Anyway, so I made banana bread this week and brought it into work, and it was as popular as any of these breads I’ve made. Mm, tasty bread.


Featured Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/22722/brown-sugar-banana-nut-bread-i/

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